Loan without Credit Bureau

The loan is somehow without Credit Bureau , a loan offer that arouses the interest of many consumers. The loan without Credit Bureau has something magical and is a bit mysterious, if only because nobody can apply for it directly from a bank in Switzerland. credit without Credit Bureau can only be “brokered” by a credit agency.

Credit brokerage for credit without Credit Bureau

Credit brokerage for Mega credit without Credit Bureau

One of the best-known credit brokers in Germany for credit without Credit Bureau are the large companies which have credit without Credit Bureau in their portfolios, and thus a number of customers who are explicitly looking for a Credit Bureau-free loan. These are by no means always only customers who have a negative Credit Bureau and therefore do not get a loan in Germany. The loan without Credit Bureau is also often used by officials with a clean Credit Bureau and regular income, because not only is there no Credit Bureau request for this loan, but also because the loan, if it comes into being, is not given to Credit Bureau as an ongoing loan Credit is reported.

This makes it interesting for civil servants who intend to take out a civil servant loan in the near future. When an official loan is approved, the official is charged with replacing existing credit obligations with the loan. However, the lenders do not learn about the loan without Credit Bureau , so this loan can continue to run on the side.

Conditions for credit without Credit Bureau

Conditions for Mega credit without Credit Bureau

It goes without saying that many borrowers whose Credit Bureau is negative also ask for credit without Credit Bureau . However, you have to know in advance that this is a so-called small loan of a maximum of USD 3,500, which within 40 Months must be repaid.

This loan is not issued to the unemployed, Recipients or housewives and trainees. The income must result from permanent employment and the borrower must not be employed during the trial period or with a temporary employment agency. So no Credit Bureau, but otherwise relatively strict criteria for lending.


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